I hope you are up for some hard-core independent study! Go order your book! Check with your local library first, to see if they can inter-library loan it for you. This will give you a kind of preview. If you like it, and feel sure you will continue with this project, you can purchase a copy. I’d hate to be responsible for a bunch of folks spending a bunch of money that they regret later….

I ordered mine through the library last week and got it today! And I live in bum-f*ck Alaska! So, it’s worth asking.

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2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. I have the book. I am taking a Permaculture Design Course currently from Toby Hemenway through Seattle Tilth, but would like to participate in this group as a way to work my way through Bill Mollison’s book. It is a LOT of information. Jan

    • Calamity Jane says:

      oh, i saw that course. i would love to take it from Toby Hemenway, lucky you!
      you are welcome to join our group for the book discussions, maybe you could even share a few tidbits from the real course 😉 the discussion group is on homegrown.org

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